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Guilt Free Chocolate in the tempering process

Hello Chocolate Lovers and The Sugar Conscious!

Welcome to our little world of guilt free Chocolate heaven. This is where the magic happens. This is where we hand temper our chocolates to create a perfect edible work of art.

Tempering Chocolate is a precise scientific process which involves the crystallization of Cocoa Butter (which is the fat present in chocolate) into any one of several different forms. However the Beta Crystal is the only form that produces glossy chocolates with a perfect snap.

We melt a slab of chocolate down (that is already in temper). So we want to cool this to the correct temperature. We do this by adding a piece of the slab (that hasn’t been melted) and continually stir it to achieve the precise working temperature. In essence the un-melted chocolate is the parent. The melted chocolate is the child. The parent needs to teach the child to get back to the correct state to be moulded into any shape.

And this how we deliver a perfect, glossy, guilt free treat to you!

Pictured: The tempering process


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