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Taste bud explosion of Chia Seeds and Banting Granola

Taste Bud Explosion

An explosion of the taste buds is something that we all search for when sinking our teeth into something. We search for something savory or sweet that can satisfy the craving. Some of us are daring and without hesitation mix sweet, savory and spicy all at once.

As you may already know, I love taking photos of my chocolates and my creations. It makes me feel happy that I can almost capture a part of my passion in a picture and share it with the world. I tried to be creative when capturing these bars, and poured their fillings all over the bars for added effect. I was quite thrilled with the end result, the bars and the picture.

The taste of chia seeds with the slight bitterness of our dark chocolate gave my taste buds an exquisite feeling. It is an interesting combination of flavours. The granola with milk chocolate, sent my taste buds into euphoria. The mix of goji berries with tree nuts and seeds is sure to make one feel like they are eating breakfast in a chocolate bar. Hmm, a lovely way to start my day.

Left: Dark Chocolate Chia Seed bars, with chia seeds poured over.
Right: Milk Chocolate Banting Granola bars, with Banting granola poured over.
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Truffles white peanut butter

Crème de la Crop

Our famous white chocolate truffles with a milk chocolate peanut butter filling. The taste of creamy white chocolate, intertwined with the double thick creaminess of crunchy peanut butter and the smooth texture from the fresh cream is sure to put you in a state of euphoria. A truffle to make your taste buds explode and leave you craving more.

It certainly is the Crème de la Crop. And the best part, there is No Added Sugars, no preservatives and no alcohol. It is a decadent guilt free treat, so indulge yourself on our Shop Page.

Could life get any better than chocolate and peanut butter!!!

Pictured: White Chocolate peanut butter truffles, delicately drizzled with milk chocolate.


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