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Sugar-Less Marshmallows

Beautiful fluffy beauties

So after many trials and failures and frustrating moments, we finally made a Sugar-less marshmallow. It’s light it’s fluffy and it’s so airy. It tastes like little fairies dancing on your tongue. A bite into our pillowy soft marshmallows and it makes your taste buds spin with excitement.

Its quite amazing making marshmallows. You start of with a sugar-less syrup, add that to gelatine. And whip whip and whip away. Then before you know it, the sugar-less syrup quadrupled in volume. You find yourself staring in amazement at the beautiful fluffy white mass of cloud like substance.

So indulge yourself and enjoy our no added sugar marshmallows. Team it up with our delicious no added sugar hot chocolate.  Watch this space, as we intend to experiment with different flavours and spice it up!