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International parcel-Taskeen

International Delivery

We recently sent our first International parcel to Rotterdam to a South African who wanted a taste of home. The word of our chocolates spread and before we knew it we sent a second parcel to California.

This was just as exciting for us as it was for our international customers. We love to share our passion for chocolates and health with everyone.

Please note while we only have shipping options available to South Africa, overseas customers can contact us directly.

We deliver to wherever you are!**

**T&C’s Apply

Pictured: Excited Chocolatier at the post office. En-route to the Netherlands.

July Post it




Morning trade Sundays

The Journey Begins at TMT

This was where the journey began, at The Morning Trade (TMT). The first opportunity to bring our products on to the market directly to you. Our first Farmers Market that we were proud to be a part of.

The team enjoyed many Sundays at the Morning Trade on Station Drive in Durban. It provided us with a platform to introduce prospective customers with our products. We provided samples to our customers, who were blown away with just one bite. Many were in awe of the fact that our Belgian chocolate has no added sugar. We engaged with our customers, obtaining valuable feedback and insight. TMT became our home, or family, and even tho the Market has closed its doors, it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The team at TMT were welcoming and promoted us on their Social Media accounts, providing us with the exposure we needed.  A vibrant and fresh market in a beautiful location tucked away in the busy streets of Durban.


Pictured: Head Chef and Chocolatier, Taskeen.May Post it