A selection of decadent, creamy truffles. In milk, dark and white chocolate shells, filled with rich and creamy delicious fillings. We incorporate a variety of textures and tastes into our fillings.

Crunchy and sweet is a favorite of ours. Salty and sweet is like a taste of the ocean with rich cup of hot chocolate. Citrus and salty tastes like an orange with a hint of a salty potatoe chip. Savory and sweet reminds one of a bite into a pumpkin with a dollop of ice cream. Our flavours are bold and daring with a hint of familiarity. Of course we still have traditional flavours. A dark chocolate truffle made simply with cream and chocolate is always a winner.

Boxes of six truffles have at least two different variants. Preservative and Alcohol free.  All our products are Halaal.

Allergens: Soya, cows milk and tree nuts.

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