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No added sugar Sweets and treats

Indulge yourself in our sugar-less sweets. A bite of bliss. A taste of guilt-free heaven. We love to spoil you with our no added sugar treats. So go and spoil yourself with our decadent guilt free treats.

At Health Chox we are constantly experimenting with new sweet treat ideas. So you can be sure to find this category updated ever so often. We want to ensure that we bring you only the best in sugar-less treats.

All our products are Preservative and Alcohol free. All our products are Halaal. Look out for the Low Net Carb, Vegan friendly** and Gluten Free** icons.

Vegan Friendly  Gluten Free Low Net Carbs

** Based on Ingredient list and does not take into account possible cross contamination during production.
Allergens: Soya, tree nuts and cows milk.

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