Nuts & Powders

Delicious and Decadent nuts and powders.  Here you will find our Banting Granola, packed with nuts and seeds. It can be enjoyed with milk (or dairy free substitute) or yogurt, making it a perfect breakfast cereal. Perhaps pack some into a lunch box and you have an easy on the go snack.

Our delicious, thick and creamy hot chocolate is definitely a must have on those cold winter nights. In a saucepan, mix the powder with milk and simmer till thick and chocolaty. A delicious drink to have at any time of day. For an even creamier, decadent drink, top our with sugar-free marshmallows.

Our Xylitol is the perfect substitute for sugar. It has all the sweetness but 40% less calories. Ideal for baking and to sweeten beverages.

So if you feel the need to satisfy your taste buds with these goodies in a jar, then go on and indulge. Especially since its indulging without the guilt.

Preservative and Alcohol Free. All our products are Halaal. Gluten Free** and Vegan Friendly** options are available.

Vegan Friendly  Gluten Free Low Net Carbs

** Based on Ingredient list and does not take into account possible cross contamination during production.

Allergens: Soya, cows milk and tree nuts.

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