Chocolate Chips

A bag of decadent No Added Sugar Couverture Chocolate Chips. Couverture Chocolate is high quality chocolate that has a greater percentage of cocoa butter than ordinary chocolate. It is the real deal in chocolate.

Tuck into a bag of this delicious high quality chocolate chips and use in a baking, in a hot chocolate drink or enjoy as a snack. A great way to make the perfect guilt free chocolate chip cookies. Add a combination of the milk, dark and white chocolate chips to create a triple chocolate chip cookie. It makes for a gorgeous garnish on cupcakes and cakes.

Preservative and Alcohol Free. All our Chocolate is Halaal. Gluten Free** and Vegan Friendly** options are available.

Vegan Friendly  Gluten Free Low Net Carbs

** Based on Ingredient list and does not take into account possible cross contamination during production.

Allergens: Soya, cows milk and tree nuts.

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