A selection of decadent No Added Sugar Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Bars with different variants. Each bar has its own flavour to make your taste buds explode. There is a variety to choose from, to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Some are packed with nuts, while others are loaded with Omega 3 seeds.

Preservative and Alcohol free. All our products are Halaal.

Vegan Friendly** options available in the Dark. Gluten Free** options available in Milk, Dark and White. Look out for the Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free and Low Net Carbs icons on our products.

Under each products ‘Nutritional Information’ tab, you will find the relevant information listed per bar. Each product has a tab for ingredients as well as Allergens. Shipping information can be found on each product.

Vegan Friendly  Gluten Free Low Net Carbs

** Based on Ingredient list and does not take into account possible cross contamination during production.

Allergens: Soya, cows milk and tree nuts.