Picture Perfect

The title says it all. If this picture could talk, it would tell you the story of how meticulous, creative and passionate I am. I take pictures of everything that I make in my chocolate studio. I consider it a part of the chocolate making process. It creates an opportunity for me to capture and share with you. Art takes many forms. And photography is a form of art that I incorporate in our chocolates. Every picture on this site has been taken in our Chocolate Studio.

The picture capture here, was one of the first pictures I took when I decided to create a website, myself! So I grabbed my camera. Headed to the kitchen, randomly placed chunks of chocolate on the counter. Then I started snapping away. As I was getting trigger happy I started to visualize elements to bring the picture to life. I thought of cocoa powder, so I sprinkled some, but it didn’t give the effect I was hoping for. So I headed over to my drawer of exciting and interesting equipment and found my truffle forks, hmm I thought this could fit in somehow. And there it was, a perfect fit, for a perfect picture, filled with perfect decadent no added sugar Dark Belgian chocolate.


Pictured: Dark Chocolate Chunks


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