A collection of Health Chox’s favourite images. Bars, truffles, chocolate chunks and much more. Each image so perfectly captures its decadence. The artistic flair and the passion that goes into making each chocolate shines through. Each chocolate is considered a work of art. Even a ruined chocolate has the potential to be something great in a photograph. A pretty bright pot plant adds a lovely dimension to a picture. And can brighten up the Chocolate canvas. Many objects have the potential to bring a picture to life.

These images capture the artist within the Chocolatier. We take photos of each and every product that we create. Thus it has become a vital part of the production process. Most of all, we enjoy taking pictures. Because it provides us with an opportunity to share our passion with you.

In addition to taking pictures of our chocolates, we especially love to take pictures with you. So when ever you visit any of the markets give us a visit. We will be ever so happy to be photographed with you. And with your permission we will gladly add it to our collection in our Gallery.

Our deFinition of a Chocolatier:

An artist that paints on a canvas with chocolate.

  • Selection of Bars
    Assorted Chocolate Bars, in a vintage wooden case.