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Special occasions, are just that, special. We love to make themed chocolates to go with any Religious and auspicious day. It makes us happy to know that we can add a decadent no added sugar touch to your special day.


Halloween was awesome in 2017. We created a decadent pumpkin spiced truffle. The taste of creamy white chocolate and pumpkin puree in a ganache, was out of this world. A taste that send taste buds into euphoria.


Xmas 2017, was filled with Holly, Candy cane, father Christmas and much more. We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday season. Its always lovely to see you, our awesome customers get excited for our chocolates.

So during the year be sure to find a themed chocolate just for you!

ice-cream vanilla

No Added Sugar Ice-Cream

Did someone say ice-cream without added sugar?

Yes, we did! Its true, and its awesome. Its ice-cream that is sweetened with Xylitol. Hmmm, there is no aftertaste, there is no aspartame, THERE IS guilt free satisfaction. It is simply divine. Creamy, rich and full of flavour and the perfect texture.  It just melts on the tongue. Euphoria for your taste buds.

I don’t own and ice-cream machine but I was eager to try it anyway. So I did some research and experimented a bit until I developed a recipe that works wonders. It is actually pretty simple and doesn’t require a machine. I was thrilled with the results and so were my ‘guinea pigs’. And in the chocolate ice-cream I used our No added sugar Dark Belgian chocolate. Pure chocolate, pure satisfaction. With the vanilla I threw in some almonds for a crunch, nutty texture and flavour. It worked well.

For now we will be selling our ice cream at the Ballito Foodies Market on the first Saturday of every month, from 8am-12pm.

Special Religious Christmas Milk Chocolate Holly

Christmas 2017

During December we spiced up our markets with a selection of decadent Christmas chocolates. They were a hit. Customers selected a range for their Christmas trees and absolutely loved them.

I sang along to Christmas carols while tempering, molding and packaging each chocolate. A happy festive time indeed. We enjoy the spirit of the holidays in our Chocolate Studio. We look forward to Xmas 2018 and are full of new decedent chocolate ideas. In the meantime however, we have many more other Religious and auspicious occasions to celebrate.

We wish all our customers well over the new year, may it be a successful and exciting one! May it be filled with lots of No added sugar chocolates from Health Chox.


Pictured: Milk Chocolate Holly painted with coloured cocoa butter.

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