On October 7, 2017, we joined the Ballito Foodies market. Held on the first Saturday of every month at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre.  The market organisers are very particular when selecting traders. We feel privileged to have been selected. The market is both fresh and vibrant. The Foodies Market boastsRead More →


Our famous white chocolate truffles with a milk chocolate peanut butter filling. The taste of creamy white chocolate, intertwined with the double thick creaminess of crunchy peanut butter and the smooth texture from the fresh cream is sure to put you in a state of euphoria. A truffle to make yourRead More →

International parcel-Taskeen

We recently sent our first International parcel to Rotterdam to a South African who wanted a taste of home. The word of our chocolates spread and before we knew it we sent a second parcel to California. This was just as exciting for us as it was for our internationalRead More →


Beautiful fluffy beauties So after many trials and failures and frustrating moments, we finally made a Sugar-less marshmallow. It’s light it’s fluffy and it’s so airy. It tastes like little fairies dancing on your tongue. A bite into our pillowy soft marshmallows and it makes your taste buds spin withRead More →

ice-cream vanilla

Did someone say ice-cream without added sugar? Yes, we did! Its true, and its awesome. Its ice-cream that is sweetened with Xylitol. Hmmm, there is no aftertaste, there is no aspartame, THERE IS guilt free satisfaction. It is simply divine. Creamy, rich and full of flavour and the perfect texture. Read More →

Definitions just in case you need them! Antioxidants: These compounds that are found in foods actually can stop damage to cells caused by oxidants. Eating foods that are high in antioxidants can be very beneficial to health. It can be good for heart health, and lower the risk of infections. Read More →

Picture Perfect Dark couverture Chunks

The title says it all. If this picture could talk, it would tell you the story of how meticulous, creative and passionate I am. I take pictures of everything that I make in my chocolate studio. I consider it a part of the chocolate making process. It creates an opportunityRead More →

During December we spiced up our markets with a selection of decadent Christmas chocolates. They were a hit. Customers selected a range for their Christmas trees and absolutely loved them. I sang along to Christmas carols while tempering, molding and packaging each chocolate. A happy festive time indeed. We enjoyRead More →

Sucrose free

Beautiful indeed! Another picture I absolutely love, among one of my firsts on Instagram. I had made a selection of chocolates for a farmers market and I was super eager to share with my followers on Instagram. In my excitement I grabbed my favourite Cake stand, and randomly placed chocolatesRead More →

An explosion of the taste buds is something that we all search for when sinking our teeth into something. We search for something savory or sweet that can satisfy the craving. Some of us are daring and without hesitation mix sweet, savory and spicy all at once. As you mayRead More →

Nothing Completes a work of art like Edible Flowers. They are bright, beautiful and full of life. In addition to their beauty they add a spicy, sweet flavour to the chocolate. I visited a gorgeous nursery tucked away at the top of hill of a peaceful suburb, and lost myselfRead More →

Morning trade Sundays

This was where the journey began, at The Morning Trade (TMT). The first opportunity to bring our products on to the market directly to you. Our first Farmers Market that we were proud to be a part of. The team enjoyed many Sundays at the Morning Trade on Station DriveRead More →