Beautiful indeed! Another picture I absolutely love, among one of my firsts on Instagram. I had made a selection of chocolates for a farmers market and I was super eager to share with my followers on Instagram. In my excitement I grabbed my favourite Cake stand, and randomly placed chocolates on it. I played around with it trying to get the chocolates to look so perfectly imperfect. Once again my camera and photography skills did not let me down. This was a truly an exciting picture for me as it so flawlessly captures the shiny, beautiful gloss of the chocolates. A standard I continually aspire to achieve.

Left: Spicy & Sweet in these white chocolate truffle hearts with a chilli chocolate ganache filling.
Right: Fruit & Sweet in these milk chocolate truffles with a dark chocolate and orange ganache filling.
Center: Milk chocolate cake pops drizzled with white chocolate and covered in nuts.


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