About Us

At Health Chox we strive to offer you the most supreme Belgian Chocolates that are free of added sugar.

Creating decadent no added sugar handmade Chocolates is a passion that demands a love for chocolate and a love for Health. To produce our chocolates we use only the finest Belgian Chocolates and naturally occurring sweeteners. We follow a methodical process to ensure that each and every Chocolate is of exceptional quality.


At Health Chox we do not use artificial sweeteners or sugar. Our Chocolates and chocolate products are made from the finest Belgian Chocolate sweetened with Maltitiol and Xylitol. Maltitiol and Xylitol have many health benefits. These include prevention of tooth decay, managing diabetes, aiding in weight loss and has fewer calories than regular sugar. We  have Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly options available in our product range. Furthermore there are no preservatives and no Alcohol in our products. Our products are strictly Halaal. 

We constantly experiment with new flavours and fillings to appeal to a vast array of customers. There are no limits to the flavours we create. A sprig of fresh Rosemary or Thyme to truffle fillings makes an explosive truffle. Spicy and Sweet, Salty and Sweet, Citrus and Fruity, its what makes your taste buds explode. So if there is a particular flavour you would love to try, do not hesitate to let us know. While we cannot accommodate each and every request, we strive to do our very best. 


Bars. Decadent and tantalizing flavours. Tree nuts are used in many of our bars. Milk, Dark and White Chocolate variations. 

milk chocolate bark

Chocolate Barks. Nutty goodness packed into a chocolate. The perfect guilt free snack. Milk, Dark and White Chocolate variations. 

Picture Perfect Dark couverture Chunks

Couverture Chocolate. High quality chocolate that is used in baking. It has a greater percentage of cocoa butter than ordinary baking chocolate. Perfect for a steamy rich hot chocolate mug. Lovely for baking. Delicious to eat as is. Available in Milk, Dark and white. 

Milk Coffee truffles

Chocolate Truffles.  Spicy and sweet. Nutty and crunchy. Salty and Sweet. Just about any combination to make your taste buds explode. We use ganache based fillings ensuring a delicious creamy centre.


Hot Chocolate Jar

Goodies in a Jar.  Banting granola and Hot chocolate powder. Banting granola is perfect for breakfast or for an on the go snack. Or make a creamy thick delicious hot drink with our hot chocolate powder. Our Hot Chocolate Powder is a blend of cocoa, Xylitol and our  finely ground dark chocolate. 

Vanilla cake popsCake Pops.  Bite sized bliss on a stick. A delicious cake covered in chocolate and drizzled with more chocolate popped onto a lollipop stick. These make the perfect treats for birthdays parties and special occasions. A perfect treat for the kids.


red velvet cupcake

Cupcakes. Decadent sponge cakes topped with creamy ganache frostings. Garnished with nuts and chocolate. A gluten free and low net carbohydrates cupcake is available. 


Custom madechocolates. In addition to our standard products we offer a service of custom made chocolates. These are tailor made to meet your needs. We strive to make these to your exact specifications. 

Themed chocolates. And last but not least we have special and religious themed chocolates available throughout the year for your special occasions. Decadence themed into a chocolate.