Meet Sugar Free Chocolatier and Chocolate lover, Taskeen Mohamed-Subadar.

The Journey begins (without chocolate)

I started Health Chox in June 2009, under the name ‘Lil Munchies’. The product line was solely novelty cupcakes. After a few months I decided that this was not working the way I had hoped and took a short sabbatical. I registered the business in 2011 and I expanded the cupcake range, and the product range to include novelty cakes and a range of sweet treats.

I have kept my original Facebook Page with everything not so sugar free. You can view it here Cupcake Couture Pty (Ltd). 

After some time I realized the need to change the product line to suit our customers. So many individuals were starting to lead healthier lifestyles. I have been leading a healthy lifestyle for well over 10 years. I never gave into the choc cravings but I constantly looked for sugar free substitutes. Most of them however always left an aftertaste and a bit of disappointment. It was then that I discovered the miracle of Xylitol. I started experimenting with everything sugar free.

The Discovery of Chocolate Art

It had not occurred to me at that point that I could make my own chocolates. I felt that if I kept searching I would eventually find the perfect sugar free chocolate. It was only while I was working as a Pastry Chef, that I accidentally stumbled across the art of chocolate. The techniques, the art and creativity, the methodical process to tempering and moulding chocolate is what enticed me. I was drawn into the world of chocolate and my appetite continued to grow. I spent many years experimenting and teaching myself the science behind the tempering process. The more I learnt the more there was to know. And I continue to grow my knowledge to provide perfect, guilt free, decadent Chox to you!

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Chocolatier Taskeen